Movie Morons has a new friend. His name is Gordon Burkell and he runs a swell website called THE ART OF THE GUILLOTINE.

    Here’s an excerpt from his site...   

    So, do yourselves a favour and click that nice blue and white logo and take a trip on over to Gordon’s website. It’s highly recommended by your friends at Movie Morons. We hope you enjoy your time with Gordon and his editing minions.

Our goal is to build a unique online community that connects film editors and film academics worldwide. We endeavor to provide a resource for techniques, tricks and tips available to everyone. Everyone can add to the site and everyone can experience the shared knowledge of its visitors.

    PLUS: He’s got one hell of a podcast called THE CUTTING ROOM. Subscribe to it... Listen to it... Love it...

    Only jerks wouldn’t like The Cutting Room Podcast. We may be Morons but we’re definitely not jerks.