Jason Azzopardi, a.k.a. "The Maltese Falcon" is a writer who has loved movies, often to the detriment of a social life, since he was a four year old.  He probably has better taste than you, but you could beat him up, no problem.   He lives in Toronto if you want to find him.

Christopher Warre Smets a.k.a. “Encyclopedia Chris” has directed feature films and television, had several screenplays produced, and can draw dinosaurs for hours on end (he knows their proper latin names). He probably knows more than you do.

James Villeneuve, a.k.a. “The Giant Squid” works in the film industry when he’s not beating up ninjas. Along with being the founder of Movie Morons, James pioneered recording podcasts in space. He’s not afraid to apply his planet-sized brain to film criticism.

Michael Sparaga, a.k.a. IMDB Mike, is an award winning screenwriter and producer. His super hero film Sidekick and the documentary Maple Flavour Films are among his many credits. He swears that he could stop drinking if he really wanted to.

Michael Longfield, a.k.a. "The Professor", will happily disagree with you about movies, baseball, literature, arts, politics, music, current events, and world affairs. He also probably doesn't approve of many decisions you've made in your life. He's been one credit short of completing his MA for about a year or so.

Chris Kelley, a.k.a. “Train Wreck Man Child”. Everyday brings him one step closer to fulfilling his lifelong dream of founding some sort of animal olympics. What separates him from the average man? ... Ambition, hard work, dedication and cannibalism.

Bern Euler, a.k.a ‘Pretty Fun Guy’ is the founder of the Canadian Filmmakers Festival. His almost unhealthy love for movies got him kicked out of the suburbs where his family currently resides, barely able to stomach his existence. He also completely doesn't understand the universe and women but likes them both.